Instructions to authors

for submitting a manuscript to Kragujevac Journal of Science



Kragujevac Journal of Science is a periodical for physics, chemistry, biology and related natural sciences.


Requirements for acceptance of papers include originality, scientific significance and  clarity of presentation.


The Review articles are especially welcome.

The submitted contributions must be in English. Texts not written in English will not be considered for publication.


All papers are peer-reviewed, usually by two reviewers.  Reviewers have maximum 60 days for finishing reviewing process.

If plagiarism is detected, the respective article will be retracted, and the respective author(s) rejected to publish in Kragujevac Journal of Science in the future. 


Manuscripts must be submitted electronically through the online manuscript submission system. Manuscripts sent by email are not considered. All subsequent versions of the manuscript must be uploaded using the same paper ID and defined password.

ONLINE SUBMISSION - Please follow the hyperlink “Register” on the left and follow the instructions.

Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word format (preferably in doc-format), using the template.

 2021_kjs template_original scientific paper

 2021_kjs_template_short communication


Manuscripts that are not in appropriate form will be considered for publication, but after acceptance of the paper the author(s) will be required to re-format their paper. Otherwise, PAPER WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. 


Technical requirements for camera-ready manuscripts:

- manuscripts, preferably in doc-format, should be typed in Times New Roman font, on A4 paper size, with single line-spacing;

- the typing area of the pages must be mirrored;

- the text width should be 16 cm, i.e. inside margins 3 cm, outside 2cm; the upper and bottom margins should be 2 cm each;

- the pages must not be numbered;

- if possible (but not obligatorily) the number of pages should be even; 

- main title should be typed by bold 14pt All caps, centered;

- chapter titles should be typed by bold 12pt All caps, centered;

- subtitles - bold italic, aligned left;

- abstract and key words (maximum 6) should be typed by Regular 11pt letters, with Justify align and 1 cm indentation left and right;

- the text must be typed by regular 12pt letters, with Justify align;

- paragraphs should be indented 1.27 cm;

- tables and figures together with their captions (typed single spaced by 11pt letters, centered) must be inserted in the text and self-explanatory;

- the tables must be prepared in Excel or MS Word table templates, without redundant lines;

- the figures must be in jpg or tif format, in good resolution (350x350 pixels at least);

- the equations and formulas must be typed, not scanned!;

- the cited authors names must be typed in Small caps font;

- cited references should be ordered chronologically when are in the same parenthesis; 

- in the list of references the references must be numbered and ordered alphabetically by family name of the first author.


After closing the respective issue of KJS the corresponding author receives information about online publishing and an electronic reprint of his/her article (in pdf-format) for free. Paper offprints (up to 20 copies) may be ordered and purchased. 



For additional technical details, consult the Managing Editor.  


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