Zbornik radova

Collection of scientific papers of the Faculty of Science


Vol. 17 (1996)


 C O N T E N T S




A. R. T. SolarinOn brackets and identities of Lie loops 7

A. R. T. Solarin

V. O. Chiboka

A note on G-loops 17
Sever S. DragomirOn some inequalities in inner product spaces 27
Sever S. DragomirOn some inequalities for positive operators in Hilbert spaces 37

Milan Janić

Daniel A. Romano

Milovan Vinčić 

A theorem on quotient coideal of a ring with an apartness  43
Daniel A. Romano Some results about coideals of commutative ring with apartness 47
Petar Stanković Oblique frontal projection from a pair of non-juxtapositioned projections 55
Nikola RosićAbout some properties of the Bessel differential equation . 63
Mirko LepovićThe asymmetric graphs of order 8 which are not strongly asymmetric 69
Miodrag M. SpalevićComputing Turan-Radau and Turan-Lobato quadratures with multiple nodes . 77
Dragić BankovićAll general reproductive solutions of Boolean ring equations 85
Stojan RadenovićA lower bound of the integral   99

Vukota Babović

Sava Milojević

Milan Kovačević

Axially symmetric electron plasma surface waves on equivalent cylindrical guiding structures 107

Vladimir P. Krainov

Vladimir Ristić

Foundation of approximative treatment of the turning point in the ADK-theory 123

V. P. Krainov

M. M. Radulović

V. M. Ristić

Elektron energy maximum in tunneling ionization of atoms and ions of potassium 137

Jovanka M. Živojinov

Srboljub Stamenković

Correspondent states and reduced equations of state for argon, kripton and xenon 149

Živojin Todorović

Svetislav Savović

Stevan Jokić

Fragment correlations in 4He+197Au reaction at 12.7 GeV 163
Živadin D. BugarčićMechanism for reactions of tetrachlorplatinate (II) with pyridne, acetonitrile and propionitrile 171

G. Milovanović

V. Milićević

M. Todorović

U. Mioč

B. Bosiljkov

Fragment correlations in 4He+197Au reaction at 12.7 GeV 179

Milan Petronijević

Snežana Maletić

Radoslav V. Žikić

Milosav Kostić

Glycolysis and oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in red blood cells of rats chronically intoxicated with cadmium 191

R. V. Žikić

A. Štajn

Branka Ognjanović

S. Z. Pavlović

M. M. Kostić

The effects of cadmium and selenium on the ascorbic acid and vitamin E contents in plasma and liver of young and adult rats 203
Snežana Pešić  Curculionidae in the ash forest of Kragujevac215

Spasenija Karaman

Mirjana Stojanović

Some deviation in two species from genus Allolobophora (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) 223