Zbornik radova

Collection of scientific papers of the Faculty of Science


Vol. 14 (1993)


 C O N T E N T S

Daniel A. Romano Some constructions of b-ideals of the Cartesian product of sets with apartnesses 7
Dragić Banković Formulas of particular solutions of Boolean equations 11
Dragić Banković A note on finite equations 15

Sever S. Dragomir

Nicoleta M. Ionescu 

New properties of Q-inner-product spaces19

S. S. Dragomir

D. M. Milošević

Š. Z. Arslanagić

A Cauchi-Buniakowski-Schwarz inequality for Lipschitzian functions25

S. S. Dragomir

G. Toader 

A new improvement of Jensen's inequality 29
Miloš Čanak Application of some results of mathematical theory of music in function and making of music instruments. Part 2. Idiophones and membranophones35
Mirko Lepović The strongly asymmetric graphs of order 8 41

Svetislav Savović

Stevan Jokić 

Geometrical efficiency of the multidetector system evaluated by Monte/Carlo simulation 45

Ivanka Holclajtner-Antunović

Marija Todorović 

Plasmochemical synthesis of nitrogen monoxide51

Ivan Gutman

Milijana Čukanović

Ljiljana Popović 

Coding chemical structure bz means of Matula numbers. Some computational aspects 63
Snežana PešThe sinusion of weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in the willow and poplar groves in Šumarice near Kragujevac67

Mirjana Stojanović

Spasenija Karaman 

Anthropogenic effects on the dynamics and development of Lumbricida in the vicinity of Kragujevac .73
Bela BlesFauna of Protura and Diplura (Apterygota, Insecta) of Kotlenik 81

Andraš Štajn

Radoslav V. Žikić

Branka Ognjanović 

Effect of acute and chronic swim-stress on some haematologic values and on the activitz of superoxide dismutase and catalase in erithrocytes of the rats 85

Milić Matović

Marina Topuzović

Aca Marković 

Variability of leaves of Pancicia serbica Vis. (Zlatar, Jadovnik and Ozren)91

Radomir Ognjanović

Aca Marković

Vladimir Veljović 

Weed vegetation of some agricultural, aquatic and neglected areas of the central part of Serbia99

Milić Matović

Aca Marković

Ljiljana Vujković

Biljana Svilkić

Gorica Đelić 

Ecological characteristics of polzdominant relict stands of Serbian spruce (Picea omorica Panč.) and other species in Serbia 111