Zbornik radova


Collection of scientific papers of the Faculty of Science



Vol. 12 (1991)


 C O N T E N T S



Sever DragomirA characterization of reflexivity and strict convexity 7
Dragić BankovićGeneral solutions in Boolean algebras B and B2 13
Shri Dhar BajpaiA new two-dimensional series expansion of Fox's H-function involving Bessel functions and exponential functions 17

Miroslav M. Petrović

Ivan Gutman

Mirko Lepović

Graphs with three independent edges 25

Nikola Rosić

Miroslav Vučković

Double transformations and their application to the solution of homogenous second-order differential equations with variable coefficients 39

Vladimir R. Rosenfeld

Ivan Gutman

On the graph polynomials of a weighted graph 49

Branislav Čabrić

Ljubo Ristovski

Dragan Todorović

Localized excitation in a linear polymer chain with point defect 59
Vukota BabovićOn the optimal use of astronomical ephemeris in Roemer's method of measuring the speed of light73

Vladimir P. Krainov

Vladimir N. Ristić

Kinetic energy distribution in tunnel ionization of atoms and ions by strong low-frequency electromagnetic field 81

Svetislav Savović

Stevan Jokić

Žarko Todorović

Application of Fokker-Planck equation on  (15MeV/N) 238U+Ag system with 5-fragments in exit reaction channel 87
Sven J. Cyvin Enumeration and classification of coronoid hydrocarbons. Part XII: circular coronoids 95

Jiri Pospichal

Vladimir Kvasička

Ivan Gutman

Chemical distance for molecules whose classical formula is not unique 105
Svetlana MarkovićProof of an equality for benzenoid systems 127

Milić Matović

Dragica Obratov

A supplement to the diagnosis of Pancicia serbica Vis. (Apiaceae, Araliales)  139

Radoslav V. Žikić

Andraš Štajn

Branka Miladinov

The effect of insecticide fenitrothion on the growth of body mass and somatic index in rats 149