University of Kragujevac
Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry


Professor Dr. Živadin D. Bugarčić

1. Ž. D. Bugarčić, J. Bogojeski and R. van Eldik
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2. J. Bogojeski, J. Volbeda, Ž. D. Bugarčić, M. Freytagb and M. Tamm
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3. D. Lazić, A. Arsenijević, R. Puchta, Ž. D. Bugarčić and A. Rilak
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4. Ž. D. Bugarčić, F. W. Heinemann and R. Van Eldik
Substitution reactions of [Pt(terpy)X]2+ with some biologically relevant ligans. Synthesis and crystal structure of [Pt(terpy)(cyst-S)](ClO4)2 . 0.5 H2O and [Pt(terpy)(guo-N7)](ClO4)2 . 0.5 guo . 1.5 H2O
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5. Ž. D. Bugarčić, J. Rosić, B. Petrović, N. Summa, R. Puchta and R. van Eldik
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