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Why Botanical garden?

Endangering of environment and biodiversity has become a global process acquiring alarming dimensions. Recognition and verification of overall biodiversity on the earth is realized through the study of separate regions and represent the starting point in the protection, preservation and rational utilization of natural resources. The protection of biodiversity of species, both in situ and ex situ is seen as the best way to fight against massive desapperance pf scecies.
Both the UN Declaration on environment and development in 1992 and Agenda 21 contain a section on protection of flora and habitats, and urgent organization and realization of ex situ protection programme by foundation of botanical garden, seed banks etc. is ncessary as additional to edition of the Red book of flora in our country.
In accordance with the above mentioned facts, the foundation of Botanical garden has begun in Kragujevac. It will be the institution of multiple significance:
- preservation of natural resources of the state and the diversity of wildlife of our country and broader
- it will serve as the basis for investigation in acclimation and introduction of species
- it will provide conditions for expansion of biological and ecological culture of population
- it will help with the education of pupils and students
- it will improve the tourist bidding
- it will provide possibilities for the realization of national and international ecological youth camps
- citizens will obtain additional place for aesthetic enjoyment, rest and recreation