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Previous activities

As an investor, the Faculty of Science has provided: area amounting 18,6 hectares, preliminary conditions for designing the project of development of Botanical garden, elaboration of the project, main design of arrangement of available surfaces I phase – works in Botanical garden were carried out according this detailed performing plan, fencing the part of Botanical garden (about 8 hectares), clearance of 3 hectares surface area, covering of car parks and foot-paths, planning of introduction of some endemic and relict species, recording and labeling of a part of plant species, support of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection, support of local community, publiuc presentation of the concept of garden and overall previous activities by giving lectures and through media, in which its multiple significance (ecological, educational, pedagogical, aesthetic, recreation etc.) was pointed out.










Clearance of part of the Botanical Garden (foto: S. Curcic)



Creating of alpinetum, reparation of well, clearance of field for the introduction of plant species, camp organization, introduction of new species, recording and labeling of species, preparation of materials for the presentation of Botanical gardens - prospects and web presentacion.



Summer in the Garden (foto: R. Bojovic)


Alpinetum (foto: R. Bojovic)


Part of the Garden (foto: G. Nedic)


Part of the Garden (foto: N. Sreckovic)


Outum in the Garden (foto: N. Sreckovic)


Outum in the Garden(foto: N. Sreckovic)






The well restoration (foto: R. Bojovic)





Planting activities (foto: R. Glisic)


Friends of the Garden (foto: S. Curcic)


Scouts' camp (foto: R. Bojovic)


The realization of the foundation of Botanical garden includes following tasks:

- construction of infrastructure: access road and car park, foot-paths, building with laboratories and herbarium, fence arround whole garden
- preparation of materials for the presentation of Botanical garden; introduction of endemic, relict and other autochtonous species, recording and labeling of plants in whole Botanical garden, elaboration of programmes for introduction of Botanical Garden