Founded by: O.E. Polansky+ in 1975

Aims and scope

MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry publishes papers of original research as well as reviews on chemically important mathematical results and non-routine applications of mathematical techniques to chemical problems. A paper acceptable for publication must contain non-trivial mathematics or communicate non-routine computer-based procedures AND have a clear connection to chemistry

Publication frequency:
2 volumes per year, each with 3 issues

Prof. Ivan Gutman (MATCH)
Faculty of Science
P. O. Box 60
34000 Kragujevac

Ivan Gutman (Kragujevac)
Alexandru T. Balaban (Galveston, USA), Andre Dreiding (Zurich, Switzerland), Patrick W. Fowler (Sheffield, UK), Ivan Gutman (Kragujevac, Serbia), Adalbert Kerber (Bayreuth, Germany), Douglas J. Klein (Galveston, USA)

Editorial Board:
Ali Reza Ashrafi (Kashan, Iran), Mario N. Berberan-Santos (Lisbon, Portugal), Dorota Bielinska-Waz (Torun, Poland), Jerzy Cioslowski (Szczecin, Poland), Kinkar Chandra Das (Suwon, Republic of Korea), Mircea Diudea (Cluj, Romania), Ernesto Estrada (Glasgow, UK), Shinsaku Fujita (Kanagawa, Japan), Juan Luis Garcia Guirao (Cartagena, Spain), Sandi Klavzar (Maribor, Slovenia), Xueliang Li (Tianjin, China), Wolfgang Linert (Vienna, Austria), Bolian Liu (Guangzhou, China), Bojan Mohar (Burnaby, Canada), Lionello Pogliani (Valencia, Spain), Mihai V. Putz (Timisoara, Romania), Juan Rada (Medellin, Colombia), Guillermo Restrepo (Pamplona, Colombia), Christoph Ruecker (Freiburg, Germany), Gabor Szederkenyi (Budapest, Hungary), Roberto Todeschini (Milano, Italy), Francisco Torrens (Valencia, Spain), Serge S.Tratch (Moscow, Russia), Nenad Trinajstic (Zagreb, Croatia), Stephan Wagner (Stellenbosch, South Africa), Yusen Zhang (Weihai, China)

Deputy Editor:
Boris Furtula

Some Information on MATCH

The full title of the journal is: MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry

The journal should be quoted as: MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem.

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Impact factor of MATCH for year 2008: 3.500

(1975 - 2013)

Impact factor of MATCH for year 2009: 3.217
Impact factor of MATCH for year 2010: 3.291
Impact factor of MATCH for year 2011: 2.161  

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