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On the grounds of the Higher Education Development Strategy for Serbia and Education Strategy for Kragujevac, the Faculty of Science of the University of Belgrade reached the decision to establish the University affiliation in Kragujevac on 16 October 1972.

The affiliation commenced work on 23 October in 1972/73 academic year through two departments of general courses: Department  of Mathematics and Department of Biology. In 1973/74 academic year the Department of Chemistry – general course – was also established.

Belgrade Faculty Assembly appointed Dr Budislav Tatić, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Science in Belgrade, as  the Head of the Department in Kragujevac, and Dr Vladimir Veljović, Professor of the Teacher Training College in Kragujevac, as the Deputy Head. In March 1976 the employees at the Department initiated the separation and independence of the Department from the Faculty of Science in Belgrade by establishing the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Kragujevac. The Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Belgrade gave consent for the separation. Since all the preconditions were met, the National Assembly of Serbia endorsed the separation of the Department of Kragujevac and decided to establish the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Kragujevac. Beginning 1976/77 academic year the Faculty Council was founded and Dr Budislav Tatić was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Kragujevac.

Pursuant to the Statute of the Faculty of 1980 four departments were established (Department of Biology, Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry). The Chair of General Education Courses has been recently founded, as well as some other units: Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, multidisciplinary Environment Centre, Lifelong Learning Centre, Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies Innovation Centre,  Centre for Radiation and Chemical Mutagenesis and Antioxidant Protection. Since studies of Ecology and Informatics were added, two departments changed their names into: Department of Biology and Ecology and Department of Mathematics and Informatics. The Faculty established intensive cooperation with universities and scientific institutions worldwide. The professors and researchers have been invited as visiting professors and to join the research teams abroad. On the other hand, famous scientists from abroad stayed at our Faculty and were engaged in scientific research. Most teaching staff of the Faculty have been engaged in scientific research, technology and innovation projects by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Serbia. Among the teaching staff of the Faculty there are authors of scientific monographs and textbooks in the country and abroad.

Since 1975 the Faculty has published the Collection of Scientific Papers in English in which researchers from the world publish their papers. Since 2000 the journal has been divided into:

  1. Kragujevac Journal of Mathematics
  2. Kragujevac Journal of Science

The Faculty offers a range of degrees including basic academic studies – Bachelor’s degree, graduate academic studies – Master’s degree, and doctoral academic studies - Doctoral degree - in Biology, Ecology, Mathematics, Informatics, Physics and Chemistry and basic vocational studies in Ecology.

The Faculty of Science and Mathematics is nowadays the largest educational-scientific institution with up-to-date equipment in central Serbia which successfully educates experts in science, mathematics and informatics. With its endeavours and outcomes it has greatly contributed to the development of the regions of Šumadija and Pomoravlje and the whole country. Its human resources of great potential, modern laboratories and classrooms make foundations for further success of the Faculty.



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